Why You Should Not Use Snapchat to Snap Nudes

Don’t Snap Nudes Using Snapcaht

Undoubtibally, Snapchatters has been known to use Snapchat to snap nudes, but this is NOT recommended. Here are the top reasons this is not recommended:

Snapchat is cracking down

Snapchat is canceling user accounts that use the app to snap nudes. This is a good way to lose all your friends and followers. One of the reasons is that Apple has strict nudity guidelines, so everyone must learn to play by their rules.

Snaps will get stolen and reused

No questions that the internet is a place where people steal and redistribute content. Unless you want your nude snaps getting stolen, we recommend you don’t send them on Snapchat.

You can get in trouble

Snapcat is known for being used by underaged teens, which is it is important to avoid posting nude snaps on the Snapchat story. With steep laws, you want to avoid criminal charges for showing your X rated snaps to minors without knowing.


Snapping Nudes is just part of being human, and many people really enjoy it.  However, there are better platforms like snapnudes.co designed to verify profiles to keep minors from joining so that you can be protected.Additionally,  Snapnudes protects your photos so they don’t get stolen.  Be smart and have fun!





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